Resources from The Ontario Harmony Academy, January 4-5, 2020

This information has been provided by members that have attended Harmony University. You are encouraged to use these resources to further your individual contribution to the betterment of our chapter.

The resources on this page are divided into three topics. The first topic includes resources for strengthening our chapter. The second includes resources to improve your singing. The third, includes information for directing a chorus. To view and download a resource click on the green highlighted text.

In the future, if a barbershop training event is attended by members please share the session resources with the chapter. They will be posted on this page so all chorus members can benefit from your participation.

Strengthening Our Chapter Through Promotion and Performance
-BHS Healthy Chapter Initiative

How to Be A Great Board Member
–Paul Ellinger

-Presentation (Erin Mahabir)

Improving Your Singing